Chairman Message

My Dear Student Friends!

I congratulate and welcome you for entering this encouraging and supportive campus of knowledge and many greetings for your educational career and its success.

Being a social worker and working in the field of politics more than last 30 years and worked as a member of legislative assembly of Maharashtra. I had an opportunity to travel and meet the various classes, masses, caste, creed, gender and sections in the society. I found there rich as well as poor, literate and illiterate, faithful & superstitious, mighty & weak so and so forth. Sometimes there is absence of the human values in the society. I could see this only because of self centered, ignorant, backward psyche of the society.

National heroes like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Rajrshree Shahu Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar thought and fought for establishment of human values Like independence, equality, justice and fraternity.

Since we are living in democracy, these values have great importance to live a life as a good human being and responsible citizen in civilized society. As Lord Buddha says, Ignorance is the cause of sorrow and being illiterate makes you feeble Mahatma Phule further adds. The only way to come out of this worse condition, education is the correct and perfect drive. Education will be the only fruitful way to get rid off.

Keeping in mind the importance of education in this modern democratic world, I realized since this region was under the rule of Nizam so that there was no any developmental scheme and thought to improve the human condition. Like the Britisher have in rest of the country. There was not single touch of modernity and education.

For this takula it took almost 50 years after intendance by establishment of senior college in the form of Sant Ramdas Arts, Commerce and Science College in 1997 after 1947.

Like the formation of Sant Ramdas Arts, Commerce and Science College under Swami Ramanand Shikshan Prasarak Mandal the other educational institutes we runs are-

  1. Prabodhankar Thakare High School Shahagad's.
  2. Dharmveer Sambhaji High School Domegaon
  3. Chatrapati Shivaji Highschool, Indiranagar Ambad
  4. Sant Dnyaneshwar High School Panewadi.
  5. D.T.Ed college, Ghansawangi
  6. Dadoji Konddev

Taking into consideration the various educational institutes which are performing their best in the education sector.

Sant Ramdas Arts, Commerce and science College is proved to be one of the best educational institute/colleges not only in Ghansawangi Taluka but in jalna District also. It was started with the arts stream in 1997. Later with commerce and Science stream are also giving their best to students and society.

Since we are running this college in rural area keeping in mind that most of the students belong to rural area and from backwardness of class, caste, social status, and geographical area they had the thirst for knowledge, but not having the facility and support. Furthermore, nearby educational cities like Jalna and Aurangabad every one could not afford the expenses for higher education. This campus have senior as well as junior college in all three streams of Arts, Commerce and Science.

For Girls/ women, this college proved to be boon for them, which by continuous effort making ready woman category in to the flow of higher education since they were all enclosed behind the bars of ritual, custom, safety and security. I am happy to see what krantijyoti Savitribai Phule dreamt of girl education, it comes true through this institute in this area.

The Principal of the college and his colleagues which are young, dynamic, enthusiastic and intelligent, their co-ordination in the college helps to get name and fame In the field of N.S.S., continuing education and extension department, sports and cultural activities too.

I hope every student have the right to empower him/ herself. My college is with you. Have a great time of learning and understanding of life which will lasts till your existence bodily and by our deeds.

I wish you all the best for your studies and learning and have great future !

Jay Hind !