Sant Ramdas Arts, Commerce & Science College, Ghansawangi
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  • Transformation of society through higher education.


  • The institute is committed to offer quality education to the students by providing conducive learning environment, qualified and experienced faculty, excellent teaching - learning process and facilities and making their life purposeful.
  • To inculcate ethical and social values.
  • To develop rational and scientific approch.
  • To nurture spirit and critical thinking.
  • To fathom the creative potential.
  • To promote sense of self-respect and dignity.
  • To prepare skilled human resource.


  • To germinate competitiveness among students.
  • All round development students.
  • To develop managerial and leadership skills.
  • To achieve excellence in academics.
  • To strengthen teaching learning process.
  • To develop global prespecitve.
  • To provide value oriented education.
  • To provide affordable quality education to rural students.
  • To prepare students for self employability.